Hi everyone! I am Nisha, engineer by profession, living in San Francisco with my loving husband and a darling daughter. Outside my world of algorithms, I enjoy dressing up, trying new trends, experimenting with looks in front and behind the camera, traveling to new places and exploring different kinds of food. I believe in making the most out of every single day. Blogging is the fun part of my life that helps me connect to that girl inside me who always lived,breathed and dreamt fashion right from childhood. My blog is all about staying stylish in day to day life while still keeping it simple, comfortable and pragmatic.


Few things about me:

1. I love spending time in nature. Hiking or just admiring the beauty of mother nature in a quiet place is like meditation for me. As John Burroughs said “I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together”.


2. Staying fit is really on top of my and my husband’s list. I love running, hiking, biking, swimming, playing tennis, basketball etc. Basically anything outdoor. I don’t like indoor workouts especially gym. I like to keep testing my fitness level once in a while. So far I’ve completed 2 full marathons and have climbed half dome to test my fitness level. I wish to do “Ironman Triathlon” someday.
3. I’m an outdoor person. The only time I prefer to be at home is while I’m sleeping. I would rather sit in a cafe and observe strange people instead of sitting at home in front of TV or laptop.
4. I want to try everything at least once in my lifetime. Whether it’s sky diving, rock climbing or anything else, I have to do all of it. Bungee jumping is one thing that’s still in my bucket list.
5. I love dancing and I don’t care who is watching me dance. Most of my dance pics would have my eyes closed as I dance for myself. It’s a stress buster for me.
6. I love traveling and sharing my experience with others. There is so much to explore in this World.
7  I’m a big time foodie. I can eat even when I’m full.
8. I don’t like cooking. I think it’s overrated. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to cook. My mom made sure that I know all the basics of cooking. It just that I don’t enjoy it. Thus my husband is the official cook at home.
9. I’m introvert and shy. People at times think that I’m arrogant just because I don’t talk much and I’ve a RBF. 🙁
10. I run away from books. I can’t read at all. That’s something I would like to change about myself.