What do you do when you are out for just another random window shopping, you find a piece which looks okay enough to be used as casual or office wear, plus its being sold at a price less than half of its original price? Don’t know about you but I definitely buy it! Probably that’s the reason for me to buy this sweater.




Finally the time came when it was actually cold outside. I was thinking of wearing it with comfort jeans when it struck me, I have the perfect boots to go with it. Throw in a  black dress and Voila! I’m was good to go. I think these knee high boots are a must have for the fall. They can make any ordinary outfit look stylish and I am glad that I own one.. 🙂




Sweater from “Nordstrom”

Black Dress from “H&M”(worn here and here as well.)

Boots from “Forever21”(similar here)

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